A personal note from Maaike

I am not the type to share much personal information on the internet. But when I am unable to perform I feel I do owe people an explanation, as I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘the show must go on’.
Dreaming of Kate has had to cancel a full show in September, and unfortunately we can’t perform the show we had planned in January in Milton Keynes either. The reason for this is that I have a hip injury. I have received quite a few questions about it lately, which is why I decided to answer them publicly. 
First of all: I will be OK eventually. Doctors expect a full recovery, but it will take time. And surgery. I won’t need a new hip, apparently they can fix the damage (which is very good news, because it means  will be able to dance again in 2017).
Also: I haven’t been in an accident, I didn’t fall and it wasn’t caused by dancing too much; anyone with an office job could have gotten the same injury, it’s just bad luck that I got it and that it causes me so much pain and inconvenience.
From a personal view: I can’t wait to be able to move around properly again. While 3 months ago I could run around like a maniac and do cartwheels on stage for two hours, I now need special assistance at the airport because it’s too far for me to walk. Frustrating at times, but then again: I’m happy that doctors can fix something like this.
In the next couple of weeks, I can still be seen on stage three times (all in the UK): on 5 October in Hull and on 14 October in Richmond with our Dreaming of Kate UNPLUGGED show (where I’ll be playing the piano), and on 22 October I will be at the CKDCF Benefit Concert in Egremont for a couple of songs with Mycah. I will have surgery in November, and I will need several months to recover. So no Christmas shows for me this year, as someone asked… But in 2017 I will be hitting the stage again!
Much love,
PS: If you miss my voice too much: the new Mycah album will be out on 18 October; you can order it on our website http://www.mycahmusic.com

3 thoughts on “A personal note from Maaike

  1. So sorry to read about your injury . But glad to know it can be fixed. Wishing you a straightforward operation and a speedy recovery .


  2. Hope you recover soon! Hip injuries are a pain….! But they do get better even tho sometimes you cant imagine they will in the dark days. From personal experience, I damaged the socket of my hip badly, but aftet a quick operation, some rest and exercises, I was back on my feet in no time and just as good as new (and you are far younger than this old crock!)
    Wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing your wonderful show agsin soon.
    Kindest regards and blessings


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