When two weeks feel like two hours (Dreaming of Kate blog)

In the past couple of weeks, I have started writing several blogs, but never had enough time to finish one. Too much has been going on to keep a log. Each day was filled with working on several projects at once, which I don’t think is too healthy. But sometimes you have no choice but to go with the flow, even if it’s an enormous tidal wave.

In only a couple of weeks, we have had some amazing shows in Holland, we have had the try out for our new UNPLUGGED show (which was nerve wrecking for me; I have never been behind the piano on stage for the entire duration of a show), and we had an amazing last show of the season in Liverpool (despite a rough start; the long intros of James and the Cold Gun and Babooshka were for changing my microphone – despite being fixed my old microphone was what was popping in the first couple of songs…)

I like keeping a log of every show, but in this case I’m afraid some photos by others will have to do it for me… The photo page on our website will be updated soon (because we had some awesome photographers present at our recent full shows). Here are a couple of behind the scene shots (courtesy of myself, Paul Tsanos and Willem Schalekamp)

PS: the main image is also a photo by Willem Schalekamp, but in the 1:1 ratio format his name fell off the frame; I couldn’t credit him anywhere near the photo, but he has done an amazing job for us!)

2015-11-19 23.32.55Bruges by night; our only time off (on our way to Holland)

2015-11-20 14.53.49Poster at Podium Puycker – Hoofddorp, next to my friends from Gotcha! (from my home town Haarlem)

Dreaming Of Kate
Dreaming Of Kate @ Podium Duyker 2015

Sound check @ Podium Duycker. Our sound engineer’s shirt has nothing to do with us by the way…

Dreaming Of Kate
Dreaming Of Kate @ Podium Duyker 2015

Sound check @ Podium Duycker

Dreaming Of Kate
Dreaming Of Kate @ Podium Duyker 2015

Sound check @ podium Duycker. Testing how far backwards I can walk without bumping into band members

Dreaming Of Kate 001

Sound check @ De Vorstin: waiting for sound

Dreaming Of Kate
Dreaming Of Kate @ De Vorstin

Sound check @ De Vorstin

12234883_1089142647785034_7104818476637585981_nSound check @ De Vorstin. I can’t remember why I’m surprised though…

2015-11-22 15.02.27Our horrendous journey home: random police check in France

2015-11-22 16.35.01Our horrendous journey home: after police checks and traffic jams we missed the ferry and had to wait in this cosy ‘restaurant’ (north pole temperature)

2015-11-22 16.51.43Best part of the journey home: the sky that seemed to be on fire…

One thought on “When two weeks feel like two hours (Dreaming of Kate blog)

  1. Enjoyed Liverpool Show very much. Friend who hadn’t seen you before and not a KB fan thought you were very artistic and you held her attention for whole evening. Looking forward to you all coming back to the Epstein again in the future. Good luck with your new venture

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